Have you heard about the Community Buildings quality standard Hallmark Scheme?

Hallmark 3

How does the Hallmark Scheme work? 

Developed by CCS and now a nationally recognised award, Hallmark level 1, 2 and 3 awards recognise good management and practice by the Community Building Management Committee. Community Buildings with the Hallmark award benefit from insurance discounts and recognition on funding applications as it evidences the high standard of the committee members and the merit of the hall.

Assessment process

Hallmark uses a system of trained peer visitors who use checklists to identify performance and provide an external validation of achievement. These peer visitors are often active hall committee members who have been through the Hallmark Scheme themselves.

Success for 9Village Halls across Somerset in 2017

CCS awarded 9 Village Halls trophies and certificates to celebrate their Village Halls achieving the Hallmark quality standards at the October annual Community Buildings Training event, at Edington Village Hall.

  • 9 Achieved Hallmark 1
  • 2 Achieved Hallmark 2
  • 1 Achieved Hallmark 3

Hallmark 1 focuses on the management and administration of the charity
Hallmark 2 focuses on health, safety, security and licenses
Hallmark 3 focuses on community, social awareness, communications, forward planning and development.


CCS annually holds the District Hallmark Awards this year they have been rolled over to 2018  due to the low number of Hallmark entrants.

How to apply for Hallmark?

Hallmark applications will be open from December 2017 and a new application form will be available for the 2018 visits. If you have any interest or questions please contact Communitybuildings@somersetrcc.org.uk