Somerset Diverse Communities

Beccy, our Community Engagement Worker, is on a mission to find all community groups run-by or supporting black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in Somerset. She’d like to speak to anyone involved in these groups – anything from a small meet-up to a fully registered charity or a faith group. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, she’d like to know about it!

We’re aiming to start a new conversation with people about the great things already happening in Somerset and find out what people would like to happen in the future. As part of this, we’re involved with multicultural events and activities, helping community groups develop skills and source funding, and we also have some small-scale funding available. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more or have a chat to Beccy (contact details on the right hand side at the bottom of this page).

  • Build relationships with and between BME community groups in Somerset.
  • Help develop skills which facilitate the long term sustainability of BME community groups.
  • Help build unified, resilient and safe communities for all residents of Somerset.
  • Help create a more empowered, visible and vocal BME community within Somerset.


We’re involved in 5 multicultural events in Somerset in 2018 and will also be supporting other cultural events throughout 2018/2019. See ‘What’s On’ in the side menu for more information or visit our Facebook:

Check out the Somerset Diverse Communities Facebook for updates about events, funding and support.


This year we are also supporting community groups to formalise and apply to other funders, something we hope will help the long term sustainability of groups in Somerset. If you’d like assistance with formalising or funding, please contact Beccy.

The Somerset Diverse Communities Small Grants Scheme is running again this year. Please see the ‘Do you need funding?’ box at the side of this page or our Facebook for updates.

If you’re already doing cultural education and would like help expanding the work you’re doing or if you’d like to start doing cultural education sessions, please contact Beccy.

If you are part of a community group, would like to start one or for anything else, feel free to contact Beccy for a chat.

Last year we collaborated with local people in Somerset to share their stories, hopes for the future and messages to communities. We produced over 50 photos and 10 videos (9 ‘voice through media’ stories and 1 film about the importance of community events). All photos and videos are available to be viewed and shared via the following links:

Somerset Diverse Communities Photo Stock

Somerset Diverse Communities Films