Somerset Flood Case Studies

Mr and Mrs A

Mr and Mrs’s A house burnt down on Christmas Eve 2013.  The fire service were unable to get to them due to the water levels. They are an elderly couple, the husband has terminal lung cancer and the wife has the use of only one hand.  They don’t have children or any family. They needed help from the village agent with practical things like paperwork and dealing with insurance company, signposting to support agencies, volunteers, emotional support and guidance.  The VA got them involved with a local lunch club to enable them to meet other elderly neighbours, signposted to them advocacy support which meant their insurance claim was dealt with more efficiently.  The VAs also ran regular coffee mornings which meant that they were consistently kept in touch.

Mr and Mrs B

Mr and Mrs B moved into Burrowbridge 4 weeks before the floods and did not know anyone locally.  They found they had a house under water and were moved to temporary accommodation. They have needed support in relation to grants, signposting to support agencies, information on local services, emotional support, guidance.

Mr and Mrs C

Mr and Mrs C have lived in Fordgate for over 40 years, bringing up their four children there.  They are now retired, with grandchildren.

Their house was one of the last to be flooded, but the water has ruined their lovely cottage, which is part cob.  They are still not back, as the cob is complicated to repair.  They are not due to return home until at least June, 2015.  They are both affected by this very depressing situation.  They have attended the village agent coffee mornings regularly and this has helped them through the worst.

“Before the floods, we didn’t have a Village Agent. Now, Kate’s a focal point in the Village, she’s always approachable.  She’s a great source of information.”

Without the help and support of the Somerset Village Agents what situations would these people be in now, who would they turn to?