Trustee of the Year

Nominate your Trustee of the Year 2017!

Hall committees are invited to nominate a trustee from their committee for the Trustee of the Year Award 2017

Give recognition to:

• a long-serving member of a Hall management committee who has held an officer position
and has been very active in the work of the committee, or
• someone who has had a major influence on turning the fortunes of a village hall around, or
• a person who took up the challenge of a major Hall project which otherwise may not have happened.

To make your nomination, please supply a statement to support your choice of nominee by answering the following questions:-

1. How long has the nominee been on the management committee?
2. What position/officer role(s) has the nominee held on the management committee?
3. What contribution has the nominee made to the management committee?
4. In which project or initiative has the nominee played a significant role (please give details)?
5. Any other outstanding qualities of the nominee which you would like to tell us about?


This statement should be no longer than 150 words and endorsed by at least two signatories / nominated Trustees. 

A small panel from the CCS will shortlist from the entries received and will then make the final decision.

The award presentation will take place at the Annual Community Building Networking event on the 19th October 2017. The complete list of nominees will be announced to acknowledge the high regard in which they are held by their hall committee.

WE WILL BE PLEASED TO ACCEPT nominations for persons previously nominated. Please also note we cannot accept posthumous nominations.