The Enterprise Agent programme works and supports the ever-growing Micro-providers across Somerset.

What is a Micro-provider?

A Micro-provider is a small, independent help or care services in the local communities. A self-employed person who provides many types of support it could be anything from helping someone with their shopping to caring for them in their time of need. A micro-provider could also be a small group or under 8 employees, not just a self-employed person.


What support is available?

The Enterprise Agent is offering FREE support, advice, and information for people who are interested in exploring care related self-employment.

In addition, anyone unemployed can be signed up to the Positive People scheme, this opens more opportunities such as training, support from a change coach and funding for a DBS certificate.

Both the enterprise agent and change coach work together in supporting a new micro provider to set up their business and feel confident to go out into the community and help.

Whether your idea is for dog walking, home help, handyman, support or personal care service contact Vince the Enterprise Agent.

So Far…

Over the last 4 years, the programme has supported the development of over 300 new enterprises.


Contact Vince Tillman for more information