Support CCS

If you live in Somerset and love Somerset, why not support Somerset by donating to CCS. We are a small charity with a big job to do.

Like you, we are passionate about Somerset, and this is an opportunity to contribute to the valuable work that CCS does for the people and communities in Somerset. Help us by supporting CCS so we can continue to be there for individuals, groups, communities and for the whole county.

You can now purchase our wonderful #LOVESOMERSET tea towel via our online shop!




 The #LOVE Somerset campaign supports

  • Homes for local people on low wages, in the villages where they have grown up
  • Local schemes to keep shops, pubs and essential services operating
  • Local employment
  • Compensate for diminishing public services
  • Maintain & develop village halls & other community spaces
  • Promote healthier communities
  • Maintaining that special sense of place that you enjoy.

Here are just some the ways you can support our work:

  • Local Giving – The “Grow Your Tenner Campaign” will double any donations made to us.
Cycle ride

Fundraise for us – Make CCS your ‘Charity of the Year’ staff fundraiser. If you are a local business or work for one, please consider making us your chosen charity of the year. Ask your staff team – you will be amazed by how many of them live in a rural community in Somerset and how many of them will have benefited directly or indirectly from our services. E.g. Helping shops stay open, supporting Community Buildings Committees, Somerset Community Oil Scheme, Somerset Village Agents and much, much more.

  • You could run a cake stand
  • You could cycle for fun

Contact us if this is something you or your staff would like to do for further information 

CCS supports communities across Somerset helping them achieve change. Living in a rural area can be very hard for many Somerset residents. Access to services in rural areas can be a challenge and many people find themselves isolated and excluded from the vital support they need.

For over 90 years CCS has been working with local people to develop solutions to these problems to build thriving communities.

Our work really does make a difference projects and services we provide responding to the every changing needs of our rural communities.