Village Agents Save the State £2.4 Million!

An independent evaluation “Agents for Change” – produced by South West Forum, Clarity and the University of Gloucestershire has shown that Village Agents have generated £5.25 million in savings – £2.4 million of which are savings to the State.

Key findings are:

  1. The Somerset Village Agents programme is highly regarded by clients, public agencies and other stakeholders.
  2. The programme is generating significant cashable savings to the state and wider social value.
  3. Grant funding of £571,000 has generated a total of £5.25 million in savings and value. Our financial benefit analysis reveals a cost-to-benefit ratio of up to 900%.
  4. Indicative savings and value of £8,154 – £50,777 per annum for case study clients.
  5. Almost all clients report a positive impact on their lives.
  6. Village Agent’s support results in improved outcomes for 93% of clients with an average client outcome improvement of 25%.
  7. Health and social care is the single biggest area of support provided.

Agents for Change Full Report

Agents for Change Short Report