Neighbourhood & Community Planning


CCS has long supported rural places to identify priorities and ways to deliver action through community planning. We have supported many parishes of all sizes to undertake new plans or to refresh their existing plan.

We have also started to help Neighbourhood Plan groups, by organising the community consultation phase and outlining the whole process (including how to fund the work required). We work alongside Planning Consultants to deliver the policy writing phase.

Our support includes help with explaining the process;

  • who and what needs to be involved
  • over what time scale
  • how to fund the work
  • establishing a steering group
  • terms of reference
  • methods for engaging with the community
  • consulting the community
  • what to ask
  • how to ask it
  • drafting a plan
  • and prioritising resulting actions
  • developing a CIL list (Community Infrastructure Levy)

Some examples of our support – we’ve recently helped Creech St. Michael to deliver a household survey for their Neighbourhood Plan, and the My Cheddar group with a large survey for Cheddar’s Community Plan.

If you would like to discuss which plan is right for your community Contact Us for further information

Or Click Here for our Community Rights information including Neighbourhood Plans