Social Enterprise

Creating Social Enterprise

CCS supports people who live and work in rural communities to help them maintain current local services and activities and to develop new ones.

Smart Communities will work with an individual or a group develop an existing social enterprise or simply have an idea of for a new enterprise that could meet a local need and provide a service for your community. This could include but exclusively:

  • Community shops
  • Community cafes
  • Community pubs
  • Community buildings
  • Community places of worship
  • Transport schemes
  • Energy projects
  • Food projects
  • and many more…

How do we help? We help by…

  • developing your ideas
  • Identifying appropriate governance structures and management
  • providing funding advice, funding plans and assistance with funding applications
  • feasibility plans
  • business and project planning
  • community engagement and communication
  • connecting to other existing social enterprises and networks
  • evidencing need through market research

We can help your ideas to become a reality!