Community Resilience

meeting-1015313_1920Businesses, communities and individuals can harness resources and expertise to help themselves prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies in a way that complements the work of the emergency responders. This can be created in the form of a Community Emergency Plan.

Somerset Communities were put to the test in the 2014 Somerset Floods. CCS were part of the recovery and felt it important to promote community resilience across Somerset.

Businesses, communities can prepare both individually and collectively by forming an Emergency Plan.

Community Emergency Plan

The aim of a plan is to increase the resilience of the community to an emergency by creating an organisation that can respond in conjunction with other agencies to reduce the effects of any incident, due to a natural disaster extreme weather, major traffic incident etc.

The objective of a Community Emergency plan:

  • Identify the risks to the community and the relevant response actions
  • Identify vulnerable people in the community
  • Identify human and physical resources in the community available to assist during an emergency
  • Provide contact details for all the persons and agencies relevant to the plan

Community Plans

An emergency plan brings people together and CCS can help with the coordination of this, contact us to get more information.


As well as there being a community approach, individuals could be encouraged to prepare personally for an emergency.


Environment Agency – have a short film about setting a clear plan preparing to leave your home or property in an emergency.